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Thursday, August 1, 2019
Financial Capitalism Gone Amok: Ultra-low Interest Rates and Price Bubbles
By Dr. Rodrigue Tremblay

Jeudi, le 1er août, 2019
Le capitalisme financier déréglé : taux d'intérêt extrêmement bas et bulles des prix

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To destruct and destroy.
Posted, Wednesday, july 31, 2019, 11:10 am

Whatever one’s political preferences and/or ideological persuasions, there are some home truths – when one focuses on a ‘rule based’ international order which must make any rational world citizen wishing for peace - worry and cringe.
- Do we destruct and destroy: When fifty or so cruise missiles are launched into Syria killing civilians including children? –

- Do we destruct and destroy: When smashing a country such as Libya with the objective of regime change?
- Do we destruct and destroy: When there is a tearing up of the book of rules for world governance?
- Do we destruct and destroy: When the US condemns the ICC (while war criminals such as Kissinger, Bush Jr. and Blair walk free) – but perceived enemies of the US/West feel the full force of the law in war crimes tribunals?
- Do we destruct and destroy: When we dismantle the INF Treaty and end the START Treaty in 2021?
- Do we act on a predictable and rational basis so as not to destroy the entire planet when we abandon the existing global rules of governance (at least those established since post World War II): Or do we embrace John Bolton’s vision for America – and – by extension – the world when he says, “America will not kneel’?

Maybe we all need to kneel at the Altar of Peace and pray that the neo-cons do not have their way as they obviously worship at the Altar of War and Eternal conflict.

Interest rates on some borrowers can be prohibitive.

Posted, Monday, August 5, 2019, 15h39

I much enjoyed the article on ultra-low and even negative interest rates. But you might want to consider doing a piece on the other side of that coin for the working-poor who are ever increasingly subject to astronomical interest rates.

Almost thirty years ago, I opened-a-can-of-worms in Canada that has only got exponentially worse in the meantime. (I won a Court’s decision that, if it had been allowed to stand, — because of the fractional reserve banking system — would have cost Canadian financial institutions in the range of $1 trillion if taken to its logical conclusion). The average or typical payday loan in Canada (and most everywhere else) is at about 30,000% per annum, and the range is routinely up to 180,000%.

I have been out of Canada since early 2015 but have continued to research the broadly defined global financial system from overseas. The following is a relatively brief excerpt from something I have been working on (most of which continues to focus on Canada).

From your articles and writing I think that you are on the right track - but I think that you are understating the problems by as much as two orders of magnitude. In any case there is certainly an interesting ying and yang aspect to the equation that as interest rates officially approach zero they are in practice going through the stratosphere for the people who can least afford it.

Answer By R. T.:
Thank you very much for making me aware of your fight against usury rates charged to poor borrowers by financial institutions.
Of course, my short article only dealt with the macroeconomic side of the monetary market. My conclusions refer only to savers and retirees whose saving returns could be negative, when inflation and taxes are taken into consideration.
However, I am well aware that some borrowers do pay fraudulent exceptionally high interest rates, especially when they borrow on their credit cards and only pay a minimum amount monthly. This is tantamount to usury on the part of banks and other lenders. As you wrote, even so-called micro-loan lenders are charging outlandishly high interest rates with their methods of calculating nominal interest rates.
I congratulate you for your victory against Eaton’s exponential interest charges. I hope governments have followed your case and have, or should have, moved to end such abusive practices.


Is There Really a Saving Glut Causing Ultra-low Interest Rates?
Posted, Wednesday, August 7, 2019, 05h05

A recent Boomberg article has argued that what is behind ultra-low interest rates, and even negative interest rates, is a worldwide saving glut. Indeed, it is assumed that there is an increased demand for debt instruments by savers and lenders, while the supply of debt instruments is implicitly assumed to have declined.
Is this a fact or simply an assertion?

1- Nowadays, it is observed, on the supply side of the bond market, that governments, corporations and consumers are more indebted than ever and are borrowing at a faster rate than ever. For instance, the US government’s annual public deficit is above $1 trillion and the public debt is increasing faster than the economy and is at a record level of more than $ 22.5 trillion. The same can be said about corporate debt, students’ debt, and consumers’ debt, etc. Therefore, the decline in interest rates cannot be explained by a decline in the supply of debt instruments. To the contrary, the larger the overall volume of debt outstanding, the higher interest rates would be expected to be to sustain it, at the margin.

2- It is a fact that the yield curve is sloping negatively in many countries, an indication that it is on the demand side where any explanation for ultra-low interest rates, and even negative rates, must be found.

It is said that people live longer and that their time preference has suddenly turned negative over the last few years. Is this really the case? In general, demographics do not turn on a dime, but take decades to change.

3- Indeed, the only thing that has changed fundamentally since the 2007-2009 Great Recession, is the fact that some central banks have greatly increased their purchases of public securities and of banking mortgage-backed securities. The US Fed, for example, has quadrupled its balance sheet in just a few years, pushing it from less than $1 trillion to more than $4 trillion dollars. It did that with three successive rounds of money printing and securities purchasing from 2008 to late 2014, through its rounds of “Quantitative Easing” (QE).

The same can be said about the European bank, which is still active with its Quantitative Easing programs. As to the Bank of Japan, it has been buying larger and larger chunks of public debt over the last twenty years. The Japanese bond market has been so much dominated by the purchases of Treasuries by the central bank, that some Japanese private banks have quit the bond market completely. In fact, it can be said that Japan’s central bank has nationalized the Japanese bond market.


All indicates that ultra-low and negative interest rates are due to massive and very unusual interventions by some central banks in their country’s bond market, and are not the result of a fundamental shift in the behavior of savers and lenders, who would have suddenly discovered the pleasure of negative time preference in valuing future consumption more than present consumption. No. The culprits are a handful of central banks that have greatly increased their demand for some classes of securities in order to shore up some large banks in trouble. In so doing, they have pushed some nominal interest rates way down.

In doing so, they have also imposed stealth tax on savers and creditors alike. A huge transfer of wealth is presently going on in our countries, and it is done outside of the political process. Debtors, especially governments, are the big beneficiaries.
Dr. Rodrigue Tremblay

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Monday, June 17, 2019
The Trump-Bolton Duo is just like the Bush-Cheney Duo: Warmongers Using Lies to Start Illegal Wars.

Lundi, le 17 juin, 2019
Le duo Trump-Bolton est semblable au duo Bush-Cheney: Des va-t-en-guerre qui recourent à des mensonges pour déclencher des guerres illégales.

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In Whose Interest?
Posted, Monday, June 17, 2019, 1:49 pm

US disengages from Iran — The Middle East in ongoing turmoil — Israel is puppet master to Trump/US of America — Palestinians continue to suffer — Israel wants to keep the cash flowing in from US of America — Iran wants to sell her oil in an unrestrained way on the world market — US of America imposes sanctions — Iran — China — Russia seek circumvention of US sanctions — US of America feels herself with a view of power shifting from West to East — Japan wants a sensible resolution to a no win scenario where Japan does not suffer seriously if there is no steady ongoing assured oil deliveries — Japanese leader visits Iran — same time there is an alleged attack (on two oil carrying vessels).
Question: In whose interest?

I shall answer in graphic terms.
(N.B. Please google "100 companies that sell the most weapons" for similar graphs.)

(Look at the pie chart above.) The illegal global drugs trade pales against the sanctified official global arms trade. So, start there in your thought processes then move forward to what the global economy actually is about.

A war with Iran could be another Vietnam for the U.S.
Posted, Monday, June 17, 2019, 3:39 pm

I completely agree. I have written about this situation in Polish, but in my opinion, the issue is not just Trump or Bolton, but the problem of U.S. debt and defense of the dollar as a reserve currency. We are getting broke and this leads to desperation. A war with Iran could be another Vietnam for the US.
About the false flag operation, one element is missing, children. Nothing works so well as pictures of the dead or injured children, the best by mustard gas. Whoever planned this war against Iran has to incorporate dead children in the justification, otherwise thpublic will be opposing.
Answer By R. T.:
Of course, you are right. Now that the U.S. is going rogue and self-centered, other countries do not want to support the dollar as a reserve currency. That means more inflation in the future.

There is also the behavior of the U.S. secret government (CIA, State, Pentagon, etc.), with its hundreds of billions$ budget. It is more important than the visible government, especially for U.S. foreign policy. That’s were the pro-Israel neocons are concentrated. — They run the show. Trump is the buffoon who entertains the uneducated and uninformed or misinformed crowd.


The Deep State runs the show
Posted, Monday, June 17, 2019, 5:08 pm

It can be an operation from the Deep State too, even with Cheney still behind. Trump doesn’t manage anything. The Deep State runs the show.


Trump as the Godfather?
Posted, Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 00:10 am

This is an article that asserts a position, which seems a likely explanation of attacks on shipping in the Sea of Oman.
However, I dislike the title. President Trump is the decision-maker in his Administration; unlike President Bush in his. Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfelt controlled Bush. John Bolton, a consistent warmonger, is not controlling anyone and is in a place where he can be watched. Sometimes I think of the Godfather: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."
Answer by R. T.
Indeed, no administration is identical. In Trump’s case, for good or bad, everything seems to be centralized around his own persona. As to Bolton, he may be too close to decision making, considering his record.


GWB Also Lied!
Posted, Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 3:42 pm

President George W. Bush and seven of his administration's top officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, made at least 935 false statements in the two years following September 11, 2001, about the national security threat posed by Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

Why would the Iranian government attack a Japanese tanker?
Posted, Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 6:37 pm

Why would the Iranian government attack a Japanese tanker while Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was in the midst of a state visit to Iran, to discuss oil shipments to Japan and other matters? This makes no sense whatsoever. This isludicrous.

History of ‘false flag’ Operations Conducted by the U.S.
Posted, Thursday, June 27, 2019, 1:22 pm

The United Nations Charter under Article 2(4) reads and requires as follows:
All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.“

In 2015 within the confines of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) by the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany, a nuclear deal with Iran was signed. In 2018 the U.S. unilaterally withdrew from the JCPOA agreement.
The most telling single fact in the still unfolding international tensions between the U.S. and Iran is this. Some fifty years ago, Iran signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Of all the Middle Eastern (ME) countries, it is only Israel, which does not adhere to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

And now with the shooting down of the U.S. drone, it is Iran now said to be the bad actor in the ME. But, we shall return to this point once historical context is given.
The history of ‘false flag’ operations conducted by the U.S., and acts of aggression based on same, could here be accurately and exhaustively documented. But, for purposes of brevity — let us be selective.

In 1846, on a false flag, the U.S. claimed that there was an attack by Mexican troops; in consequence of that, the Mexican/American war went ranging from New Mexico to California and beyond, and the latter was seized and annexed to the U.S..
Similarly, the Spanish/American war was begun in 1898 in Cuba, in the Havana Harbour with the sinking of the USS Maine (another false flag operation).

In 1962, a CIA operation directed against Cuba, known as “Operation Northwoods” was designed to have terrorist acts committed against U.S. citizens to be blamed on Cuba, so as to justify invading Cuba.

Lest we forget – the “ Bay of Tonkin Incident”: It was around 1964 that the U.S. decided that it wanted to “come clean” and be openly and fully engaged in the Vietnam War. Yet another false flag operation!

In 2003 then Secretary of State Colin Powel, knowingly and falsely claimed that “yellow cake uranium” was held by Iraq, so as to justify the invasion of Iraq.

So— does some measure of historical example exist as to why, not merely international lawyers, but our entire global citizenry, both have  valid reasons to be, at the very least, even just a wee bit skeptical about U.S. claims being now made against Iran’s alleged unjustified attack on and downing of the U.S. intelligence drone?...


So — Uncle Sam (and in fact — all  the people of America) — President Trump — the Mullahs — Ayatollah Khomeini — the involved militaries at whatever levels from both countries (for it is primarily your lives on the line) — and all persons of sound mind; please — think once — think twice — think again — then revert to the U.N. for peaceful resolution.


Tuesday, April 2, 2019
Trump-Barr’s Manipulation of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller report of March 22, 2019: The Political Cover-up of the Century?

Mardi le 2 avril 2019
La manipulation du rapport du procureur spécial Robert Mueller en date du 22 mars 2019 par le duo Trump-Barr : La supercherie politique du siècle ?


Comments (7)

***N.B. Comments are the sole responsibility of their authors.

***N.B. Les commentaires sont la seule responsabilité de leurs auteurs.

Parfois des fous dans leur folie disent la vérité !
Mis en ligne, mardi, le 2 avril 2019, 08 h 07

Tout ce que dit l’auteur du blogue est vrai, mais la question demeure : comment prouver que Trump a été élu et Hillary a été battue grâce aux Russes ? Si Hillary avait fait campagne au Wisconsin, au Michigan par exemple, elle aurait gagné même dans ce système électoral assez particulier du Collège électoral.
Elle aurait gagné avec un système électoral à deux tours ou avec le système britannique que nous avons au Canada.
L’Amérique s’efforce d’influencer le résultat des élections depuis 1945 à travers le monde, et le gouvernement américain renverse des gouvernements démocratiquement élus depuis des lunes, et pratique l’assassinat sur une grande échelle. Ce fut le cas de son intervention aux élections en Italie, en 1947-48

Cela étant dit, j’admire la capacité de l’auteur de traiter avec clarté ce sujet difficile et obscur. Mais il reste que l’Amérique libérale des Démocrates actuels est assez paranoïaque. Comme je le prévoyais il y a 2 ans dans un courriel, cette enquête ne trouvera pas de preuves que les Russes aient fait élire Trump, (Mme Clinton a eu trois millions de voix de plus que Trump!), mais découvrira toutes les exactions et fraudes de son entourage et de lui-même, et que les Russes auraient bien aimé que Trump soit élu et non une candidate qui voulait un ‘no fly zone’ en Syrie, et « eradicate » l’Iran.  Elle voulait aussi accroître l’isolement de la Russie et provoquer un ‘regime change’ à Moscou, en plus d’avoir autorisé le renversement d’un gouvernement démocratiquement élu au Honduras et organisé le coup en février 2014 à Kiev.

Qu’y a-t-il à redire d’une politique qui préconisait de bonnes relations avec la Russie? John F. Kennedy l’avait proposée et a été assassiné physiquement. Trump est malade. Mais, comme le disait Érasme, parfois des fous dans leur folie disent la vérité. Je préfère une ‘Politique de Détente’. Mais Trump est trop incohérent pour qu’il en soit le champion, et je ne vois pas chez les Démocrates de l’Establishment de leaders à la hauteur. Attendons le résultat des prochaines élections…

J’aimerai toujours lire les analyses de l’auteur et son érudition hors du commun. Je constate que l’Occident ne songe qu’à la guerre et que l’Asie, avec l’aide de la Russie, essaie de construire un monde nouveau, que les démocraties libérales échouent lamentablement dans leur gestion de la terre, et forcent tous les pays à s’armer… Ainsi, permettre que l’Arabie Saoudite devienne une puissance nucléaire est de la folie pure. Roger
Réponse de R.T,:

Parfois, des lecteurs ne comprennent pas toujours ce que j’écris. Je leur demande d’attendre quelques semaines ou quelques mois et ils comprendront.
Mon blogue ne traite pas de l'implication des Russes dans la campagne de Trump. Je crois que les Israélites ont été beaucoup plus impliqués dans cette campagne que les Russes. De toute façon, le gouvernement américain intervient dans les élections de nombreux autres pays.
Là n'est pas la question. C'est le comportement d'un fourbe et d’un mafioso qui se trouve à occuper la Maison blanche présentement et qui ment continuellement, qui ne respecte aucune règle démocratique et qui aspire à devenir le premier empereur américain. Son avocat, Michael Cohen, a même dit devant un comité du Congrès américain que son patron ne quitterait pas la Maison blanche même s'il perdait une élection !
Je n'ai rien contre de bonnes relations avec la Russie et je crois que les Européens et le gouvernement de Selfie Trudeau au Canada font une grave erreur à ce chapitre. Le problème vient du fait que Donald Trump est prêt à s'associer avec le diable pourvu que cela fasse son affaire personnelle. Il va prendre l'argent de n'importe qui. C'est ce qui fait de lui une menace à la sécurité des États-Unis et à celle du monde entier.

Cependant, quand je vois les démocrates attaquer Joe Biden, ces idiots de démocrates peuvent certainement faire en sorte de réélire Trump, aux élections de novembre 2020.

Si cela se produit, considérant que Trump est présentement incontrôlable, il faut imaginer ce qu’il serait capable de faire avec un autre mandat de quatre ans!

N.B.: Pour visionner une conférence du professeur Tremblay sur Youtube, cliquez ici :


What took you so long?
Posted, Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 10h58 am

So now —you begin to think the way I always have.
What took you so long?
Answer by R. T.
That may be because you did not pay enough attention! From day one, in January 2017, I wrote that Donald Trump was going to be a “threat to American democracy and a menace to peace in the world”. Later on I wrote that he was a would-be dictator and that he behaves like a mobster.

His own lawyer, Michael Cohen, also known as “the fixer”, even told a congressional committee that his boss would not gracefully and peacefully leave the White House, even if he were to loose an election. I don’t think the United States has ever been closer to absolute power in the hands of one politician, no matter what the U.S. Constitution says.

As to the Mueller investigation, nobody really knows what is written in this 400-page report. The question is why Trump and his new “fixer”, lawyer William Barr, do not want the American people to know what the full report really says. That smacks of totalitarianism. Sooner or later the Mueller report will have to be made public, or the United States is not a democracy.

All my articles are on my site and can be read at will:

N.B.: To watch a Youtube conference by Dr. Tremblay, please click here:


A Very Good and Concise Opinion.
Posted, Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 13h50 pm

As usual, this is a very good and concise opinion. I also appreciate the choice of quotations for motto.


Une citation de Hannah Arendt.
Mis en ligne, mardi, le 2 avril 2019, 15h09

Cette citation aurait pu apparaître au début du dernier billet de blogue du professeur Tremblay.

The following quote could have joined the other quotations at the beginning of Dr. Tremblay’s article:
"The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction (i.e., the reality of experience) and the distinction between true and false (i.e., the standards of thought) no longer exist."
Hannah Arendt, (in her book The Origins of Totalitarianism’, 1951)


Many Parallels of these Types of Individuals in History.
Posted, Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 19h55

I found your observations quite interesting. As a student of history there have many parallels of these types of individuals. Few have been remembered for their contribution to mankind. In fact they pass as sewage. I look forward to this realization. Keep up your good work.


Un texte qui impressionne !
Mis en ligne, mercredi, le 3 avril 2019, 00h15

Comme d'habitude, le texte de M. Tremblay m'a fortement impressionné.
On dit que Donald Trump n'est pas exonéré en ce qui concerne ''l'obstruction à la justice''. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi on ne dit pas la même chose concernant sa possible implication (ou celle de membres de son entourage) dans un complot avec les Russes (collusion) pour influencer les élections présidentielles. En effet, si, d'une part, Mueller dit qu'il n'a pas établi de preuve à cet effet, d'autre part il pourrait également dire que cela n'exonère pas ledit Trump. Car, si Mueller n'a pas trouvé de preuve concernant l'implication de Trump (ou de son entourage) dans une possible collusion avec les Russes, cela ne prouve pas qu'il n'y a pas eu collusion; cela dit tout simplement qu'on n'a pas réussi à trouver une preuve à cet effet.
On pourrait ajouter qu'à défaut d'une preuve irréfutable, il y a un faisceau de faits convergents qui vont dans le sens d'une collusion. En toute justice, on doit cependant dire que si on n'a pas de preuve irréfutable de culpabilité à l'endroit d'une personne accusée d'un méfait, cette personne est présumée innocente.
Réponse de R.T.
Souvent quand j’écris un article, ce n’est que quelques semaines ou quelques mois plus tard qu’on comprend ce que je voulais dire.

Concernant le thème principal de mon article, il faut comprendre ceci :

Premièrement, il ne faut pas oublier que tout ce que l’on a présentement ce sont les mots de l’avocat William Barr. Or ce dernier semble être devenu l’avocat “fixer de Trump. Il a été nommé par Trump ministre de la justice essentiellement parce qu’il avait déclaré en public que l’affaire de la collusion avec la Russie était de la “bullshit, et que le président ne pouvait être accusé de quoi que ce soit une fois en poste. Richard Nixon avait prétendu la même chose et cela est une fausseté.

Deuxièmement, tant que nous ne verrons de visu le rapport Mueller en entier et non censuré, on ne peut conclure à absolument rien.
Or, Trump a déclaré lundi, le 1er avril 2019, qu’il ne croyait plus nécessaire de donner des copies du fameux rapport aux membres du Congrès, ni de le publier pour le grand public, alors qu’il avait promis publiquement de le faire.
Donald Trump sait pertinemment bien que les 400 pages du rapport Mueller ne l’exonèrent pas du tout, ni lui, ni sa famille. De plus, il faut distinguer l’aspect purement légal de la question politique.

Trump est un fourbe, un menteur invétéré et un manipulateur. J’ajouterais qu’il est un imposteur qui va faire énormément de tort aux États-Unis. D’ailleurs, la réputation de ce pays dans le monde est en chute libre. Il n’y a rien de bon à attendre de cet homme. Malheureusement, bien des gens distraits ou peu renseignés tombent dans le panneau parce que c’est une grande gueule et que certains aiment les ‘politiciens-super-grande-gueule’. C’est arrivé au 20ème siècle en Italie avec B. Mussolini et en Allemagne avec A. Hitler. Ces deux démagogues ont fini par détruire leur pays.


Beating a Dead Horse?
Posted, Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 03h08 am

Methinks you are trying to beat a dead horse. Yes Trump is despicable but no, he wasn't elected by Russian interference. That's something the U.S. government is trying to do to non-vassal states all the time, but the Russians didn't do it this time.
To prove that Trump is corrupt, like every U.S. president in recent years, doesn't take a Royal Commission, or whatever…
I may add that the whole "Russiagate" scam was an intense distraction from the REAL issues being decided behind the curtain: the wars of aggression against Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Iran, Russia; the climate disruption caused by accelerating (they hope) capitalism; other issues more important than corruption, which, I agree is extreme…
Thanks for your scholarly articles. I always enjoy them.
Answer by R. T.:
First, I do not think commenting about politics is a waste of time. If so, we should all go back living in caves and let dictators run everything.

Second, that is not true that all politicians are corrupt to the level that Donald Trump is. Trump is way more dishonest than your average politician.

Third, I don’t think that Donald Trump is politically speaking a dead horse. In fact, he has a good chance of getting reelected for a second term, considering the stupidity of the Democrats who are destroying each other.

Fourth, from your email address, I gather that you are Canadian. Canada has everything to fear from loose-cannon Trump, economically and politically. He has already caused tremendous damage to Canada with the import taxes of 25% on steel made in Canada and of 10% on aluminum made in Canada. Moreover, the new Nafta did not take into consideration the big concessions made by Canada in the current Nafta.


Donald Trump’s 20 Biggest Follies

Les 20 plus grandes folies de Donald Trump

Comments (7)


The Mad-dogs of Nuclear Armaments — USA and Russia.
Posted, Sunday, February 3, 2019, 14h35

Let us consider a very serious matter. It is the existence of weapons of mass destruction and the potential annihilation of our species. More particularly, the focus is on the conduct of the United States of America and Russia.
Context and a quick grasp of the motivating factors for production of these weapons can be gleaned by listening to President Eisenhower’s warning from the 1960s and then considering the stark clarity of the words of George Kennan (he was the US architect of the ‘Cold War’):

“Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military-industrial establishment would have to go on, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented. Anything else would be an unacceptable shock to the American economy.” ― George F. Kennan

The idea and objective of International Law is to provide a framework and set of international rules for nations and persons to conduct international relations by abiding by same (The rule of International Law). The UN Charter and Treaties are just two demonstrable examples of International Law's intention as to how it is intended to work. It is not a perfect system, but without it (or something close to it in place) —then what is the option for intended civilized and peaceful dispute resolution —brute force —or —war?

Thus, post World War II, not only the United Nations, but a series of Laws and Treaties, such as the Geneva Conventions, set out to establish the legal new architecture for the world. In the specific context of nuclear weapons the following can be noted:
The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM Treaty or ABMT) was signed in 1972 between the US and the then Soviet Union. The terms of the Treaty permitted each side to be limited to two ABM complexes —and —each complex was further limited to 100 anti-ballistic missiles.

In 2002 the US already had destabilized the nuclear balance when they decided to get out of the ABM Treaty. In 2002, and when you look at a map, the United States was putting missile defense bases all around Eurasia, creating a feeling of encirclement in Russia and China.
The US ideology was to put sovereignty above international law, and they wanted to have a totally free hand to keep their supremacy in the world as long as possible, and these Treaties were constraining them.

The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) collapsed; it had been established in 1987 between the then Soviet Union and the US at a time when Gorbachov and Reagan were leaders of their respective countries. The broad objective, as with the 1972 Treaty, was arms-control. The INF Treaty sought to eliminate all land-based ballistic and cruise missiles and the launchers for such missiles.

Citing Russian non-compliance as the reason for withdrawal, on the 20th October 2018, President Donald Trump announced that the US was withdrawing.

It is not hard to discern the pattern of attempted rationalization, by way of blaming deviation and/or violations to justify withdrawal. Yet, withdrawal, defeats the long-term objective of an intended symmetrical containment under International Treaties.

It is also not hard to discern from the withdrawals, that one nation is seeking superiority and dominance; by placing emphasis on its “exceptionalism” in preference for assertive sovereignty over co-operative submission to international law.
The waste of global resources and corresponding stupidity should also be noted. That approach places us (all human beings on planet earth) at risk.

What logical, rational —or —in any way sensible route is it for a nation to squander so much resources on building these nuclear weapons; when —it is known by both sides that direct use, the US against Russia or vice versa is guaranteed Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)?


Excellent Article on Trump.
Posted, Sunday, February 3, 2019, 15h21

Excellent article on Trump —It is well researched & factual, to the point. The only think I have a reservation is the part on global warming, conveniently changed to climate change.
But that is another story with jury still out on that one.
We have also in Canada a Prime Minister who is also unstable & not very a statesman like, especially as related to his human rights and international politics. Canada trumpets to the world to be a champion of human rights but when it comes to Israeli treatment of Palestinians, we say nothing and support the tyrannical regime regardless. —Does not this looks like US policy and the people funding this are the same on both sides of the border.
Other thing is the idea of supporting the self-proclaimed Venezuelan ”president“, which reminds me of a Ukraine repeat!
I extend my appreciation to the author for his excellent writing on those controversial topics.


Russia Gate VS Israel Gate!
Posted, Monday, February 4, 2019, 06 h 06

Trumps presidency is not Russia gate but rather it is Israeli gate 100%. That’s it in a nutshell albeit your outline was interesting.
Answer by R. T.:
I agree with your statement. Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is most likely peanuts compare to Israel’s involvement in all American elections. I have written about that before. See here:


Superbe analyse.
Mis en ligne, lundi, le 4 février 2019, 08 h 07

Superbe cette analyse de parcours de Trump ! 


Trump had no experience in government.

Posted Tues. February 5, 2019, 11:01 pm

Trump had no experience in government before he won the 2016 Republican nomination. He was just a popular TV reality star who branded his name on every piece of real estate he built. He wasn't even that successful in business, going bankrupt more than once. He's a lazy-bones, too, rarely hitting the Oval Office until 11.30 am, according to Axios, which obtained his daily schedules. His approval ratings may never again cross 40%. If President Trump runs again, he certainly looks beatable.
The latest self-deluded billionaire to be fooled by this magical thinking is Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks. He's out hawking a book in hopes of boosting his name recognition and telling interviewers he's "strongly considering" a presidential run as an independent.



Les articles du prof. Tremblay sont instructifs et factuels.
Mis en ligne, lundi, le 4 février 2019, 16 h 12

C'est toujours intéressant de lire les articles du prof. Tremblay parce que, premièrement, ils sont instructifs et factuels (ses affirmations reposent pratiquement toujours sur des faits vérifiables), et aussi parce qu'ils sont très bien écrits.


Confused About our Existence!
Posted, Sunday, February 10, 2019, 06 h 44

As famous biologist Edward O. Wilson so eloquently said:

Humanity today is like a walking dreamer, caught between the fantasies of sleep and the chaos of the real world. The mind seeks but cannot find the precise place and hour. We have created a Star Wars civilization, with Stone Age emotions, medieval institutions, and godlike technology. We thrash about. We are terribly confused by the mere fact of our existence, and a danger to ourselves and to the rest of life.” (“The Social Conquest of Earth”, 2012), 
The real world of the U.K., the U.S. and the entire planet needs to move on to a better place.


Friday, October 26, 2018
About Politicians who Befriend Criminals in Power
By Dr. Rodrigue Tremblay

Le vendredi, 26 octobre 2018
Au sujet de politiciens qui sont les amis de criminels au pouvoir

Comments (7)


Illegality on a Global Scale.
Posted, Friday, October 26, 2018, 17h42

It is not as simple as trying to imply or even state – mistakes – it is willful and constructed illegality on a global scale.
I cannot simply cosset what you are saying  – thus I say this:
And then I say that if you want to establish credulity in historical and politico-economic terms then surely you have to start addressing the reality of what (for want of a better generic term) the “West” has done across the globe for centuries (and is continuing to do) – Canada included. How do you address that?
But as we say in the Caribbean (having been born and bred in Jamaica – “no problem mon”).
Actually – it is a huge global problem which most of us are not man enough to address – and – sadly, most times, simply give a pass and/or apology.
Over and out.
Moreover, are you serious when you write this?
"In a true democracy, leaders do not vie for absolute power for themselves or their family."
Let us not go into the pre-World War II era.
Since the coup in the 1950s in Iran, — which country has engineered to ensure: "absolute power for themselves or their family"?
From Iran to Saudi Arabia, the answer is the same.

Answer by R. T.:

Thank you for reminding me about your 2006 article Oil, conflict and the future of global energy supplies”. Of course, anything happening in the Middle East is connected to oil and Israel. However, since 2006, oil production with the fracking process has increased very much and so has solar energy production. That does not mean oil price cannot spike back to $100 a barrel, but the world is slowly freeing itself from fossil fuel.

- To address the big problems you raise, that is a fair question. The U.S. government has been shunning the UN for quite some time now, and systemic problems that certainly cannot be solved by NATO, or by Trump for that matter. There is presently a void of leadership in the world and that augurs badly for the future.
- As to my reference to “true democracy“, I do not imply that we live in true democracies. In fact, I believe the reverse, i.e. that most countries are moving away from being true democracies, if they ever were close to that objective. Income and wealth inequalities are reaching record levels and big money runs about everything, more so in the United States than elsewhere.
As to Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination by the Saudi regime, we now learn that he did have proof that Saudi Arabia was deliberately misusing phosphorous
gas weapons against civilians in Yemen, and that could be the true reason he was savagely assassinated. Why the British secret service MI6 did not warn Khashoggi, and—since it is most likely the British told Trump—why the CIA did not warm him remains an open question.


Inexperienced Men in Control.
Posted, Friday, October 26, 2018, 21h20

Thanks for your recent article about assassination of Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul in the hands of Saudi Arabia. One cannot resist finding a similarity of government structure in Saudi Arabia and the USA. In both places rulers have delegated authority to young, 30 years old sons and sons-in-law, with drastic consequences.
Answer by R. T.:
We do live in crazy times.
Indeed, inexperienced Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, plays a big role in Trump’s administration, especially in the Middle East affairs. The same applies to Steven Miller who writes Trump’s speeches. Both are in their 30’s.
Also, Trump has surrounded himself with yes-men like Bolton, Pompeo, Navarro, etc. Experienced men like Mattis, Kelly, Tillerson, etc. have been or are being pushed aside.


I Enjoyed the Article.
Posted, Saturday, October 27, 2018, 18h10

I enjoyed your Khashoggi article and politicians who befriend criminals while in power. Also your new book“La régression tranquille du Québec” — I had intended to write a note on it, especially about calling for referendums when no fall back plan for outcomes that are not that desired.


A Few Provoking Questions.
Posted, Sunday, October 28, 2018, 14h11

Here are three provoking questions:
1.  Why doesn't Canada see it as vitally important as a functioning "democracy" to speak forcefully and effectively in the international community on the actions of Saudi Arabia in Yemen?
2.  Why doesn't Canada see it fit and necessary to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia - given the horrendous human rights record of Saudi Arabia?
3.  Why doesn't Canada see it fit to impose sanctions in response to the Khashoggi affair?
Answer by R.T.:
Here are some quick answers:
1- Because a Canadian contract to Saudi Arabia to sell that country military trucks is very important for the Ontario economy. Trudeau Jr. has an election next year and he needs Ontario to remain in power. It is politics over ethics.
2- Same reason: politics.
3- Same reason: politics.


D’accord avec cette présentation claire.
Mis en ligne, dimanche, le 28 octobre 2018, 16h23

Je ne peux qu'être d'accord avec la présentation claire qu'il fait de ce qu'on pourrait appeler ''L'affaire K''.


Demagogues Need Enemies.
Posted, Monday, October 29, 2018, 12h28

Demagogues all over have always used imaginary 'enemies' to demonize, and to add to their ability to exercise control over society.
The U.S. government and Donald Trump are no different.
It is fascism.
All attempts at furthering civilization have been attacked as being instigated by 'outsiders'! ('them')
People in power simply do not want to give up power. They always want to accumulate it.
In the U.S., this has been the case with all of the anti-war movements, the anti-racist movement, the civil rights movements, the labor union movement, etc.
Unfortunately ethnicity and racism are structurally involved in this phenomenon and that's why wars curse the planet and the peace for humanity.
It starts with demonization of others, the 'outsiders' and 'thems'.
It is sad to say but the U. S. is basically declining on the metric of civilization.
We are increasingly a society that is run by mafia rules and the violence that inevitably follows.
Answer by R. T.:
It is somewhat depressing that the world goes in circles, repeating the same mistakes generations after generations.
With the number of autocrats rising to power in many countries, we seem condemned to relive the 1930s.
As to Donald Trump, he is the living proof that demagogues and autocrats are back.


Excellent article.
Mis en ligne, mercredi, le 31 octobre 2018, 16h59

Excellent article du professeur Tremblay qui résume bien les présentes circonstances de la politique internationale... 
Il est incertain qu'on puisse compter sur le gouvernement canadien pour bien réagir.


Vendredi, le 17 août 2018
L'énigme de l’orwellien Donald Trump : comment réussit-il à s’en tirer si facilement ?

Comments (15)

***N.B. Comments are the sole responsibility of their authors.

***N.B. Les commentaires sont la seule responsabilité de leurs auteurs.

Inquiet au sujet de Donald Trump
Mis en ligne, vendredi, le 17 août 2018, 2h07
Je suis très inquiet et outré par les agissements du président des USA. Pensez-vous que le peuple américain a saisi le danger qu'il représente pour l'humanité et pour son propre pays ? Êtes-vous confiant quant à l'issue des élections ‘mid-term’ et pourrait-on enfin avoir une procédure de destitution si les Démocrates l'emportent à la Chambre des représentants? Je vous serais reconnaissant de bien vouloir apporter une réponse à une question qui me préoccupe depuis l'élection de ce triste personnage.
Réponse de R. T. :
Donald Trump peut compter sur une base électorale de 35 à 40 % de l'électorat américain qui lui est fidèle, et il est passé maître dans l'art de la politique spectacle. Il ne doit pas être sous-estimé. D'autant plus que ses opposants démocrates sont divisés.
Normalement, compte tenu de son impopularité dans l'ensemble de la population américaine, Trump devrait faire face après les élections de novembre à un Congrès dominé par les démocrates. Mais rien n'est assuré.
Le rapport de Mueller, s'il survient avant les élections, pourrait être déterminant, car il pourrait mener à la destitution de Donald Trump en 2019.
Il faudra attendre le déroulement des évènements.


Interesting Observations.
Posted, Friday, August 17, 2018, 11:66 a.m.

These are interesting observations.


Valuable Review of the Electoral Forces.
Posted, Friday, August 17, 2018, 12:24 p.m.

This is a new and excellent article by the author. Congratulations!
I think the author provided a valuable review of the electoral forces. It should be added, as we observe, there is a large number of simplistic, stupid and poor, brainwashed people who support this political monster just as the one representing their own lack of any "worldview".
Let's be optimistic and enjoy the beauty of summer…


Thank You for the Article!
Posted, Friday, August 17, 2018, 1:58 p.m.

Thank you for this article.
Please read here about another crackpot: Ted Cruz:


The Donald is not the Original Liar!
Posted, Friday, August 17, 2018, 2:26 p.m.

You are amusing, but not serious. The Donald is not the original liar. Politicians in general, left and right, hate him not because he lies, but because he is the mirror in which they see themselves as they really are. They are terrified that people like you might figure it out, and their game will be up.


Trump does the Bidding for the Military-Industrial Complex!
Posted, Friday, August 17, 2018, 2:51 p.m.

I would add that the most important grouping is the "military-industrial complex" which does not oppose Trump?
Why? Well look at his desire to override Congress and escalate defense expenditures and now he articulates the same 'Star wars' concept which was canvassed during the Reagan Presidency.
It is this group which calls the shots in the U.S. So long as Trump does their bidding, then his improper behavior; his lying; his misogyny; and you name it...all add up to zero - for he keeps the system running where it counts - in the pocket - for this core corporate welfare group.


Thank You!
Posted, Friday, August 17, 2018, 3:19 p.m.

Thank you for this article.


The U.S. will Resort to Violence to Maintain Hegemony!
Posted, Friday, August 17, 2018, 6:16 p.m.

This is really a reflection of the intellectual bankruptcy of the people and institutions in the U.S. and it is a sign of the decline of U.S. leadership role in the world.
-My fear is that in order to resist this decline of influencing world affairs, the U.S. will resort to violence as it always has done to get its way. The U.S. has never fought a 'defensive' war in its entire history (Pearl Harbor was a set up, deliberately making war-like demands on Japan. Roosevelt basically lied and sacrificed U.S. citizens so he could fight Hitler, which is what he wanted badly). -My other fear is that the opposition is not doing enough to educate the voters to realize a more equal and democratic country but is more concerned with the second political party getting the upper hand so it is all about power, not the people, not the country, not peace, but just power, like the power to pardon friendly criminals who have been convicted, as will be done once Paul Manafort is found guilty.
Answer by R.T.:
Indeed, Trump is a very dishonest individual, and not only intellectually speaking. I personally believe that he has been a crook all his life. A certain percentage of Americans are still in denial that by electing hotel and casino owner Donald Trump, they have placed in the Oval Office somebody who is closer to Al Capone (1899-1947) than to Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), in character, integrity and in personal morality. Sooner or later, future events, engineered by this authoritarian and misguided individual, will force them to reconcile themselves with that unpleasant fact. By then, however, it may be too late.


Trump is Pushing Everything to the Edge of Chaos!
Posted, Friday, August 17, 2018, 9:43 p.m.

Perhaps that is because you have been believing the lies. He didn't lie about his birth certificate, or his religion. He hasn't told lies so that he can invade any more countries. His lies are at least transparent. No one believes them.
-They are mostly hyperbole. He didn't even kill anyone the last time he had Syria bombed over fake chemical attacks. I'll grant that his lies are not polished like most politicians. Some of them are not plausible. But he really seems to be trying to untangle the US from some of the wars of aggression it has started in the last twenty years. He's trying to normalize relations with Russia, instead of starting a nuclear war. And, he is against the entirety of the U.S. government, with the exception perhaps of Senator Rand Paul.
-What do you think Europe is going to look like after a few dozen nukes hit? Some of the lies are honest. Some arise from stating what he is trying to do and then being opposed by his own government. He's in a helluva spot. He can't accomplish what he was elected to do in the customary way, so he's pushing everything to the edge of chaos. If he succeeds, humanity may live for another day. If not, Western Civilization is self destructing anyway.


How to Restore Real Democracy in Australia!
Posted, Friday, August 17, 2018, 10:06 p.m.

I read Dr. Tremblay’s penetrating article with interest.
However, may I put a conflicting yet parallel point of view of his way...

In the unlikely event we restore genuine democracy in Australia, for example, the following activities are on our agenda:
-Restore tariffs to a level which effectively ban all imports; action which will attract trade sanctions anyway, which will provide us with useful political cover.
-Eliminate all taxes on fuel, and simultaneously withdraw from the Oil Price Parity Agreement, which enables the oil cartels to charge us international prices for our own oil, but in reality enables them to export our oil free and to sell us dirty Singapore fuel. (This will make our manufacturing, domestic food production, and transport costs, the lowest in the OECD world…)
-Close down all U.S. military installations, which will eliminate half the US global satellite spy and navigation network, including part of Echelon.
-Re-establish the Peoples Bank (which was the Commonwealth Bank until Keating privatised it).
-Fund all future public development schemes using national natural and human resources, and public infrastructure, as collateral…


Is the American Left Really Opposed to the U.S. Constitution?
Posted, Saturday, August 18, 2018, 1:03 p.m.

Of all the writers who don’t like Trump, Dr. Tremblay is the best. I enjoy his papers, but I wish he could understand that President Trump is no saint, and that he is the only one who can save us from Communism and the One World Order. What the left wants is contrary to our Constitution and it is treason. Patriots will never give up their guns or accept the fact that gun free zones are killing fields. Communists rule most U.S. cities with result that you have a high probability of being shot in those cities. Please don’t waste your time promoting Communism; it has never worked.
Answer by R.T.:

These are complex issues about which there could be honest disagreements. But let us dissipate a falsehood: I am not a communist and I have never been one. I am not a fascist either. I am more a conservative economist who believes in economic efficiency and a humanist who believe in social justice.

-As for Trump not being a saint, you can say that again! In fact, he is the exact opposite of a saint.

-Donald Trump is egocentric, narcissistic to the extreme, malicious, malevolent, ruthless, dishonest, obnoxious, vengeful, merciless, vindictive, cruel, hateful, petulant, choleric, violent, aggressive, self-serving, crassly manipulative, bigoted, jingoistic, racist, nepotistic, immoral and amoral.

-He’s a congenital liar, an intolerant demagogue, a charlatan, a cheater, a bully, a tyrant, a sociopath, a psychopath, a coward, a troublemaker, a profiteer, an abuser and an adulterer.

-He is also authoritarian, autocratic, uncompromising, whimsical, irresponsible, secretive, imperialistic, uneducated, ignorant, incompetent, incoherent, inarticulate, undignified, disdainful, disloyal, unscrupulous, hypocrite, boorish, impolite, uncivilized, loathsome, boastful, unstable, unhinged, paranoiac, xenophobic, and misogynist…etc.

And, I am only scratching the surface! Former FBI Director, James B. Comey who knows a lot about Donald Trump, because he was a prosecutor in New York City, has said that the man behaves like a mafia boss, i.e. a gangster. He also said that he is not at liberty to reveal other things about Trump.

Moreover, thanks to Bob Woodward’s new book, “Fear: Trump in the White House,” we now know that sometimes, Donald Trump foams with rage and has mass murderous impulses.

With Donald Trump, it is always the law of the jungle: gun-to-your-head and might-is-right tactics. People who support him do not really know who he is. They should get informed.

Religious people who side with Trump, considering that he is profoundly immoral, cannot help but being hypocrites.

-Regarding the U.S. Constitution, my reading of it and my reading of the Founders’ writings make it clear in my mind that they wanted to avoid having a dictator taking over the government. They very much wanted to avoid the tyranny of one man, like the one they escaped under George III.

-From his behavior and statements, it is hard not to conclude that Donald Trump is a would-be dictator. He wants to govern by himself while firing anybody who dares to give him a contrary opinion. As a consequence, all the foreign policy of the United States is the affair of a single person, Donald Trump, even for issues of war and military conflicts. Mind you, the Constitution stipulates that only Congress can declare war. However, under previous presidents and even more under the current one, this is a dead letter. Trump threatens war right and left, without even consulting Congress.

-I would like to convey to you that Donald Trump is a very dangerous man, especially as head of state. I do hope that Americans will wake up before it is too late. The Germans in 1933-36 were cheering for their strongman Hitler. In 1945, they were cheering no more.

-A democratic government cannot be run with lies and deception, as Trump is doing on a daily basis. It cannot be run either by continually attacking the free press, a freedom solemnly guaranteed by the First Amendment, and a stalwart of democracy.

-For example, Trump is lying again in saying that American wages are rising while official statistics do not show that. He invents his own figures. In fact, money wages are rising less than the inflation rate. Therefore, real wages are falling. The man is a sad joke. He does not even consult the government’s experts at the Labor Bureau of Statistics before talking. His words are worthless.

-There is a reason that in nearly all of 193 countries of the world (with the two notable exceptions of Israel and Russia), the standing of the United States has dropped an average of some 50% since Trump’s election. That cannot be good for the United States as a country and for Americans as a people, in the long run.


Comment peut-on être sensé et appuyer Donald Trump ?
Mis en ligne, samedi, le 18 août 2018, 16h30

Après avoir lu cet article, on ne voit pas comment quelqu'un de sensé peut appuyer Donald Trump !


Israel and the Technology to Build an Atom Bomb.
Posted, Sunday, August 19, 2018, 2:37 p.m.

Please find enclosed an email that was just sent to one of the few level-headed classmates of mine from the U.S. Naval Academy (’61)… (It is about the fact that Israel got the technology and materials to build an atom bomb from the United States.)
Insofar as I can see, the points that I bring up in this email are “findable” on the Internet and I believe that they are factual.


Trump is the only one Who Can Save Us!
Posted, Sunday, August 19, 2018, 5:34 p.m.

Being long in the tooth is a condition that has not been kind to my abilities. People on the left will not answer you on real issues. Please know that you can only push our people so far before there is retribution and revolt. I refer to the treason in Government. Departments. I mean, for example, the FBI, DOG, IRS, Fed, Res et al. You are not reading any of that. if you were you would understand that programs of the left are communist and unconstitutional…
Trump is far from perfect but he is only one who could save us.
Answer by R.T.:

Indeed, some institutions do betray their original mission over time. You mention a few. Another one is the CIA (presently there are 15 intelligence agencies).

President Harry Truman, who establish the CIA as an agency to gather information was disillusioned when it overstepped its mandate.
On Dec. 22, 1963, he even wrote an op-ed entitled “Limit CIA Role to Intelligence“ in The Washington Post, and said:

”[The C.I.A.] has become so removed from its intended role … I never had any thought that when I set up the C.I.A. that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations. … It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the government.”

Today, the CIA and the other IAs have a budget of more than $ 100 billion a year, and they go around the world and overthrow governments, elected or not. They are a secret government within the U.S. government and a very dangerous one at that…
I cannot subscribe to your belief that a flawed individual like Donald Trump who has not one ounce of morality, can save you. My fear is that he will lead you to destruction.


Answers to Why Trump is Succeeding on the Domestic Front
Posted, Tuesday, August 21, 2018, 11:53 a.m.

I particularly enjoyed reading the article responding to the question
as to why Trump is succeeding on the domestic front.
The question is well posed and arguments are very well laid out. I
would add a couple of points.
-First, we underestimate the latent racism of so many Americans and
the anti-black feeling stirred up by the Presidency of Obama and the
presence of so many black faces in the Clinton campaign.
-Second, we may overlook the profound feeling of national pride of so
many Americans and their belief that their country is by far the best
in the world. The hoards of people clamoring to get across the U.S.
borders is clear evidence of this. (I even hear this argument from
some of my not-so-well-off African-American friends.)
-Third, many Americans believe that for the last half century and
more, the United States has been "carrying the rest of the world on
its back" and that it is time for payback. They simply do not
recognize that many of the programs financed and supported by the
United States were very self-serving.
-Trump is cleverly exploiting all three of these concerns.

There is also the questions as to why Trump is succeeding so well on
the foreign front, at least in the short run.
In addition to the sheer shock which foreign "friends" felt when
confronted by his tactics, there was a great underestimation as to the
degree of which the United States was willing to use its power to be a
rather crass bully, particularly with countries who previously
perceived themselves to be U.S. allies.
Maybe that will be the topic of Dr. Tremblay’s next article.



Nate Beeler, the Columbus Dispatch via Cagle Cartoons

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Is Donald Trump a New Herbert Hoover, With his Policy of Isolationism and Protectionism?

Comments (8)

Trump will Ruin the U.S.A.
Posted, Monday, June 4, 2018, 7:36 p.m.

All of the very signs my mother has said existed prior to and during the Great Depression are unfolding.  Gas and food prices are going up, stores are closing left and right, even Amazon is having problems; that is why Bezos increased his prices on Amazon prime and is desperately seeking to sell all kinds of other merchandise including spy equipment to law enforcement agencies. And now tariffs on allies, which is going to collapse the U.S. and it's job industries. Yes Trump is ruining this country quickly. And the naive and gullible blindly follow him.


A Frightening, but Useful Article.
Posted, Monday, June 4, 2018, 7:40 p.m.

A very frightening, but useful article.
That an individual who is the head of state of an important government like the United States does not seem to understand these simple economic and accounting principles is a scandal in itself." So true.
Answer by R. T.
When the same man, or set of men, holds the sword and the purse, there is an end to Liberty”. President George Mason (1725-1792)
Trump only thinks in political terms (or financial terms) for himself and his family. He would not hesitate to cause a global economic depression or a global nuclear war, if that could serve his own interests.
Le us hope that the Democrats will present a very good candidate against him in 2020, if he is not impeached before!


Back in Economics 101 class!
Posted, Monday, June 4, 2018, 9:17 p.m.

Sounds that I am back in Economics 101 class — Trump style.
A. Country A slaps a tariff on and bans certain goods.
B. Trading partners B etc. slap on retaliatory tariffs and bans.
C. Workers in certain industrial are impacted in consequence and prices rise. 
Fill in the details thereafter — but — I don't think that the underlying principles have changed since I was in undergrad Economics at university in the 1970s.
This could have some really bad consequences. 
Thanks for sharing the thoughts as expressed.
Answer by R. T.:
With Trump, it’s always Econ 1.
See a cartoon here:


Merci pour le cours d’économie
Mis en ligne, lundi, le 4 juin 2018, 10h17

Merci pour ce cours d'économie.
Apparemment, Donald Trump n'a pas porté attention durant ses cours, ou encore il a oublié ce qu'il y a appris.
Bonne fin de journée et bonne continuation!
En passant, les tarifs, cela remplace les impôts corporatifs non perçus par des taxes non progressives sur les individus.
On vole les pauvres pour donner aux riches!
Réponse de R. T. :
Donald Trump a surtout appris à comment tromper et à bousculer les gens. De plus en plus de gens qui le connaissent bien (les directeurs du FBI et de la CIA) le décrivent comme étant un mafioso sans principes.
Il ne pense qu’en termes politiques (ou financiers pour lui-même et sa famille rapprochée). Il pourrait provoquer une dépression économique mondiale ou une guerre nucléaire mondiale si cela servait ses petits intérêts politiques ou financiers à lui.
C’est pourquoi il est tellement dangereux.
Voir la caricature ici :


60-40 chance of Recession/Depression/Crash.
Posted, Tuesday, June 45, 2018, 10:21 a.m.

I think we have a 60-40 chance Trump will bring on a recession/depression/crash…
Global commerce needs predictability. Trump’s modus operandi is the opposite, i.e. chaos… 
Trump’s entire economic program lacks reality and bears no connection to the true needs of America — a solution to housing, medical and educational expenses, and infrastructure. Picking fights with a northern neighbor just a waste of energy and resources all around. America does not need better trade deals — it does quite nicely on dividend remittances from Canada — in fact it owns much of Canada! It needs to focus on the big domestic issues — quite solvable with a recognition that better wealth distribution is a large part of the answer and turnaround. In the meantime ... I am sure there will be more fiascos.


La crise de 2008-2009 et les républicains américains.
Mis en ligne, mardi, le 5 juin 2018, 18h32

La question que j’aimerais poser au Dr. Tremblay serait de savoir comment l’économie mondiale marchait avant l’arrivée du Président Trump. En 2008-2009, il n’était pas aux commandes.
Réponse de R. T. :
En 2008-2009, Trump n’était pas au pouvoir. Mais un autre président républicain étasunien, George W. Bush avait été président de 2001 à 2009. Ce dernier avait déréglementé les banques usa et cela avait conduit à une grave crise financière de prêts hypothécaires risqués et à des faillites bancaires, en grande partie rescapées par la banque centrale américaine. GWB avait aussi, en bon républicain, abaissé les impôts des riches et accru le déficit budgétaire du gouvernement. La crise de 2008-2009 peut lui être attribuée.
Aujourd’hui, le républicain Trump fait de même. Il a coupé les impôts des sociétés américaines de moitié et abaissé les impôts du 1% des contribuables les plus fortunés, et la dette américaine est appelée à exploser dans les années à venir.
Pour le moment, tout va bien pour l’économie américaine avec un taux de chômage, tel que mesuré aux usa, légèrement en bas de 4%. (Ce chiffre est en partie artificiel parce qu’il n’inclut pas les chômeurs qui n’ont pas cherché activement du travail au cours du mois précédant l’enquête et tous ceux qui sont sous-employés). De plus, les écarts de revenus et la pauvreté continuent de croître aux États-Unis.
Cependant, la guerre commerciale insensée que Trump tente de lancer produira toute une série d’effets économiques pervers, mais ceux-ci n’apparaîtront qu’après les élections de mi-mandat de novembre prochain. Trump ne fait que de se servir de l’économie à des fins électorales partisanes. La facture que tous les américains payeront viendra plus tard.


Lack of Good Economic Advisors Around Trump!
Posted, Wednesday, June 6, 2018, 11:30 p.m.

Thanks for this interesting article.
I totally agree with arguments and line of reasoning. At the same time, I'm puzzled by the lack of reasonable economic advisors to the president. I also miss any positive (potentially) effects of the whole tariff battle.
Answer by R. T.:
As to Trump, everybody (but his blind supporters) seems to be fed up with his antics. He does not need the advice of any competent advisor, nor any detailed study, to justify an economic policy, because he has persuaded himself that he is a “genius“!
I also happen to believe that American professors in U.S. universities and colleges, (there are 500,000 of them), do not intervene enough in public debates. In so doing, they leave the field open to demagogues, charlatans and idiots.


Borrowing Money for Consumption!
Posted, Thursday, June 7, 2018, 1 :04 p.m.

I am still trying to digest Dr. Tremblay’s extensive critique of Trump trade policy, but one phrase got my attention:
That is because a country does not only borrow capital or savings from abroad, it borrows an excess of goods and services from other countries over its own domestic production, and this is paid for with an increase in its net foreign debt (foreign liabilities minus foreign assets). When this new capital is well invested, the country takes advantage of a faster rate of economic growth.”

Problem is with the U.S., and this did not start with Trump, that we borrow capital from foreign countries and waste it to useless wars, instead of education and R&D for new products. Part of the imports are also economically useless products from China, Japan, S. Korea like iPhones and flat TVs. In short we consume much of our debt which does not increase our (US) rate of growth. Probably no President can overcome resistance of the neocons’ love for foreign wars and the liberals’ love for populous feeling good. Therefore I am now writing an article about "slow demise of US Empire".
Answer by R.T. :
Indeed, you are right.
To borrow money does not means it’s going to be invested wisely. Indeed, this could be for consumption. In which case, it could be counter-productive in the long run.
I thought of pointing that out in the case of the USA, but my piece was already long and technical, and I did not want to raise that other issue, i.e. that the U.S. government is wasting a lot of money on foreign wars, most of them being facultative, even illegal.
When an empire is overextended and wages war with borrowed money, there is a risk that it could go bankrupt.
For the U.S., the real danger could come if and when there is an international stampede away from the dollar, possibly in favor of the gold-backed yuan after 2020.
Trump has been bought lock, stock and barrel by the neocons, especially by Zionist billionaire Sheldon Adelson and by other casino and hedge funds owners. Trump is deeper in the swamp than any other recent U.S. president. Considering that he conducted his presidential campaign against “crooked” Hillary, that’s quite something!


Tuesday, May 8, 2018
In Provoking Iran and Allies Alike to Please Netanyahu, Is Donald Trump the Most-Pro-Zionist American President Ever?

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Trump is Under Influence!
Posted, Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 12:34 p.m.

It seems that March 5, 2018 was important for what happened on May 8, 2018. TRUMP is under influence:

U.S. President Donald Trump meets with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, U.S., March 5, 2018.

'Israel lobby calling the shots in Trump's rollback policy on Iran'.
Trump’s three biggest bankrollers, casino owner Sheldon Adelson, Home Depot cofounder Bernard Marcus and hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, have succeed in persuading the U.S. President to adopt an unprecedented total alignment of the U.S. behind Israel. Who said that money does not buy what one wants in Washington D.C.!
Besides moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Donald Trump has now graciously accommodated them by unilaterally repudiating the multilateral Iran Nuclear deal, signed in July 2015. poll in the U.S. has shown that 56% of respondents supported the Iran nuclear deal, while only 26% of Americans opposed it. But money speaks louder than people.
 — Netanyahu is right. He has a friend in the White House or, is it a puppet?


Is Trump a Trojan Horse?
Posted, Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 7:41 p.m.

Well said. Trump is a Trojan horse. A candidate that truly has the interests of the electorate at heart will not be found in the two main parties.


Timely Article.
Posted, Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 8:14 p.m.

Excellent and timely article.


“Mission not accomplished”!
Posted, Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 9:32 p.m.

Dangerous decision: Problematic position to be in for the Middle East and the world.

I am amused when I hear the phrase again uttered (or is that proclaimed?) by President Trump, “Mission accomplished”.
Wasn’t there one George Bush Jr. who had great difficulty in distinguishing abysmal failure from success? But, if we say loudly, very loudly, “Mission accomplished” then paradoxical as it may sound, failure becomes success and transformation from reality becomes actuality via the imagination and transposition to the minds of others.
Since I live in a world not as I have dreamt it to be, but as it is, then the escape to dreamland of a President Bush Jr. or Donald Trump, I must profess and say, is not my mindset, so “Mission not accomplished.”
Answer by R. T.:
To complete your analysis, please read this:
Donald Trump is a true Zionist imperialist. He gets money from billionaire Zionists, and the bankers count on him to force countries such as Iran, Iraq, etc. to use the US dollar for their oil transactions, and not the euro or the Yuan.


Is Donald Trump Preparing a 1953-type CIA Coup in Iran to Take Control of that Country’s Oil?
Posted, Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 9:48 p.m.

A bit of history about US/Iran relations might be instructive.

  • The democratically elected 35th Prime Minister of Iran on July 21, 1952, Mohammad Mosaddeq (1882-1967), wanted to modernize Iran along Western lines. He was a Professor of international law who had studied in France and had taken note of the desirable elements of Western democratic processes and thus wanted to move Iran in a direction, he, as a nationalist, thought was in the best interests of his people.
  • Mohammad Mosaddeq also wanted to ensure that Iran obtained a fair share of its oil wealth.
  • Mohammad Mosaddeq nationalized the Anglo-American oil interests then operating in Iran.
  • Mohammad Mosaddeq argued his case for his country before the then World Court and he won.
  • MMohammad Mosaddeq was named man of the year by Time Magazine and appeared on its front cover in 1952.
  • The Anglo-American interests responded to Mosaddeq with a CIA led coup in August 19, 1953, which overthrew Mosaddeq and in his stead, installed the Shah of Iran (a US puppet).
  • Up to 1979, the Shah remained in power and was overthrown in a popular uprising.
  • It is that revolutionary government which currently is in power in Iran.

That history, to say the least, is both ironic and quite telling. Iran was the country in which the US effected the first post World War II CIA coup, to be followed by the coup d'état in Guatemala in 1954 and many more across the world thereafter. Did someone speak of meddling in elections and the like…hmmm?

Ironic, because the expressed concerns about the long-suffering people of Iran under the revolutionary government, has only US models of Iraq and Libya as recent invitees to administrative and governmental disaster and options being offered by the greatest defender of democracy in the world today – the United States of America. Or, am I missing something here? An elected leader overthrown, and one who embraced and actively sought to follow Western democratic practices in government, is — well — conveniently displaced. And now President Trump is telling intelligent people in the world that once more he ‘wants to help’ the long suffering people of Iran!

Trump said: “Finally, I want to deliver a message to the long-suffering people of Iran: The people of America stand with you.” — Really? For the sake of historical accuracy and completeness and indeed truth — these words might be added: “As we did in 1953 when we overthrew Mohammad Mosaddeq and gave the Iranian people the Shah.”

Here is a postscript to my comment:

1. It is undeniably clear that President Trump is pursing what I term a “KK” plan and policy, which is two-pronged:
1.   “K” for kill the nuclear deal with Iran; then,
2.   “K” for kill the Iranian people, if not with further crippling sanctions, then with actual direct warfare. If you think that I am exaggerating or in any way not speaking truthfully, then think again:


A Sad Day!
Posted, Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 11:27 p.m.

Today is a sad day.
Answer by R.T.:
Indeed, Donald Trump has resurrected the Cold War-Era for his own political benefit.


You Bet!
Posted, Wednesday, May 9, 2018, 12:17 a.m.

You bet. Thank you.


US’s Remaining Friends are Israel and Saudi Arabia!
Posted, Wednesday, May 9, 2018, 12:34 p.m.

The United States’ only allies left are mighty Israel and liberal Saudi Arabia!


A New Catastrophe in the Making!
Posted, Wednesday, May 9, 2018, 12:53 p.m.

It's interesting to note that this "historic" decision by the Genius has been announced on the day of the 73rd anniversary of the victorious end of WWII in Europe. I haven't seen any media referring to that coincidence. It must be accidental (?) but... it may also be predictive for a new catastrophic process of MEGA collapse. Who knows? 


Destabilization of the Middle East!
Posted, Thursday, May 10, 2018, 8:45 a.m.

About the destabilization of the Middle East, please cast an eye over these two articles:

Did you know that there is a wall between Turkey and Syria now?


US Presidents and the Bilderberg Group.
Posted, Saturday, May 12, 2018, 11:46 a.m.

Maybe people will one day wake up to the Zionists. American Presidents are not elected by the people. They are rather chosen by the Bilderberg Group.


American Politicians and Special Interests!
Posted, Saturday, May 12, 2018, 12:36 p.m.

Our politicians are all pro Israel. According to ex congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, Congress people all have to sign a mandatory pledge to Israel. Watch the YouTube video. (The Jewish Anti-defamation League assisted in the political tactic of redistricting, which caused her to lose her re-election bid to Congress). This is well documented here:


Monday, March 26, 2018
Donald Trump: Is He Too Dangerous to Be Head of State?

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Trump a perdu tout sens des réalités.
Mis en ligne, samedi, le 24 mars 2018, 9h54

Samedi, le 24 mars 2018, 9h54

J’ai lu votre article sur le président Trump, et suis entièrement en accord avec l’ensemble des faits et observations que vous soulevez. Il me semble en effet, que le monde se dirige vers un futur extrêmement sombre avec un tel « personnage » aux commandes des USA. Mais néanmoins, ce personnage grotesque a été élu « démocratiquement » par le peuple américain ! N’y a t-il pas là matière à réflexion quant à la « maturité » politique et sociétale du peuple américain et à leur manque de connaissances historiques des évènements qui ont permis à des personnages tels que Hitler et autres, de prendre les rênes du pouvoir.
Si Trump a pu être élu, c’est aussi en partie à cause d’un double mandat démocrate qui n’a pas su rendre espoir à ces milliers d’américains de couche « sociale inférieure » , qui se sont sentis « trahis » par la politique menée par le président Obama. En effet, ils n’ont même pas eu droit aux « miettes » du repas, et ils en en sus payer la note des errements du capitalisme. Je pense également, que le peuple américain est prisonnier de son « individualisme », et qu’il n’a toujours pas compris que le « rêve américain » c’est terminé.
Ce même phénomène est en train de se produire en Europe, où l’on observe une montée en force du populisme lié au fait que, la direction Européenne étant aux mains d’une « droite conservatrice » (toute dévouée à un libéralisme radical), plus aucune initiative sociale et politique dirigée vers le « peuple » n’est engagée par les états, ce qui accentue encore le glissement vers une société duale, source du regain de populisme. Ce qui est dramatique dans cette histoire, c’est qu’en portant aux commandes des états, des personnages issues du populisme, les mécontents du système se mettent eux-mêmes au visage, la muselière qui les rendra inaudibles. « Ils ont oublié ou effacer leur histoire » !!!!

J’en suis arrivé à la conclusion que depuis une vingtaine d’années, l’homme me semble-t-il a perdu tout sens des réalités et ne dispose plus de suffisamment d’esprit critique pour comprendre le monde complexe qui l’entoure. Si un « messie » vient lui « apporter » la solution à son besoin immédiat, alors on marche avec lui.
PS : Il ne faut pas oublier que Donald Trump est la première personne à être élue président des États-Unis sans avoir quelque expérience politique ou militaire que ce soit.

Il y a eu avant lui  Reagan je pense, mais il avait quand même un peu d’expérience guerrière acquise lors des tournages de ses westerns.
Réponse de R.T. :
Il est vrai que Ronald Reagan n’avait pas d’expérience militaire, mais il avait été gouverneur de la Californie de 1966 à 1975. De plus, il connaissait ses faiblesses et il s’entoura de personnes compétentes (James Baker, Alexander Haig, George Shultz, Robert McFarlane, etc.), ce qui n’est pas le cas de Trump. Ce dernier s’entoure de personnes aussi incompétentes que lui. J’ai déjà écrit ce qui suit : « Un politicien incompétent qui s'entoure de gens compétents peut se tirer d'affaire. Cependant, s'il est assez stupide pour s'entourer de gens semblables à lui, l'échec est certain. »

Il faut dire que l’élection de Trump s’est faite avec presque deux millions de votes de moins que ceux recueillis par Hillary Clinton. Cette dernière représentait l’establishment démocrate et était une va-t-en-guerre, ayant déjà menacé de bombarder l’Iran.

Le système politique américain est corrompu par l’argent. (Voir mon dernier blogue sur ce sujet :
À toutes fins utiles, le système de gouvernement américain est en panne. Comment et pourquoi ?


Nobilitating Caligula!
Posted, Saturday, March 24, 2018, 1:28 p.m.

Today, I received your article about our genius president. It is an excellent review with good references and quotations. However I think you "nobilitated" him by comparison to Caligula.
Answer by R. T.:

Trump reminds me more of Mussolini or Hitler, but I didn’t want to expand on that.
If Trump starts bombing heavily armed countries such as Russia or China, surely a possibility if he bombs North Korea, as Bolton recommends, some Americans who attend Trump’s rallies may want to ask themselves the question, (when bombs start raining on U.S. cities), the same question some Germans must have asked themselves in 1944-45, “Where was I in 1936 when Hitler was threatening France, the UK and the Soviet Union?”
I, for one, prefer to take a stand now, because I believe we are in 1936.


Trump is for the 1%!
Posted, Saturday, March 24, 2018, 11:21 am

…As far as Trump’s war cabinet is concerned, they are all in one way or the other part of the 1% global elite and wars is the way they have all made their money, since the setting up of the Fed in 1913, as a private organization!!!
J. N.


Avec Bolton, le cas de l’Iran s’accélèrera.
Mis en ligne, samedi, le 24 mars 2018, 2h01

Tout est connu. Avec John Bolton autour de Trump, le cas de l'Iran sera accéléré, non seulement celui de l’Iran, mais aussi celui de la Corée du Nord, de la Chine, de la Russie, etc. Les Globalistes veulent réduire la population du monde, tout est clair.


Something Fundamentally Wrong!
Posted, Saturday, March 24, 2018, 2:09 p.m.

We agree on one thing:
-" Indeed, when all things are said and considered, it is impossible not to conclude that there is something fundamentally wrong with Donald Trump."


Not the Whole Story!
Posted, Saturday, March 24, 2018, 2:48 p.m.

We, and the rest of the world, are in big trouble alright.
For some time now I have been thinking of Trump reminding us of Mussolini and fascist italy in the 1920-1930s.

Not being qualified to judge his mental stability, just common sense would indicate that something is severely and frighteningly wrong with the man.

But, that is not the whole story.
What about the millions of people who voted him to power, and still continue to give him 'devotional' support no matter what!
What does that say about my country?
This is not much different than the 'devotion' that Hitler and Mussolini enjoyed before WWII.
I am more convinced now than ever that the U.S. is in global decline as a force and will resort to violence per the rules of gringo Nazism below:
1. I make the rules for you and you will not make the rules for me;
2. The rules I make for you do not apply to me;
3. I will use war and violence if you do not obey rules 1 and 2.

The result is the U.S. is now in a state of 'permanent war' against all, real and imagined, 'enemies' unilaterally naming enemies regardless of whether the so called enemies agree with that designation or not.
The decline of the U.S. will be facilitated by the income and wealth gap between the haves and the have-nots by mindless actions like the tax breaks for the wealthy at the time of increased spending on the military to sustain the permanent war status.

This will lead to economic bankruptcy (and eventually rioting in the streets).
It should be noted that the status of “permanent war“ is not something Trump started but something he inherited from previous administrations.
However, instead of reversing the trend, he is accelerating it.
The voters of this country and their mindset cannot be excused and the republican leadership is close to being criminal and complicit in this situation.


I Am Scared!
Posted, Saturday, March 24, 2018, 3:05 p.m.

Thanks for the article. I am scared out of my wits.


All So Scary!
Posted, Saturday, March 24, 2018, 4:14 p.m.

Whew!  Reading also “Fire and Fury.
All so scary.
“No act of Kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” Aesop


Avec Trump, on aurait gagné du temps?
Mis en ligne, samedi, le 24 mars 2018, 5h09

Quand Donald Trump a été élu, je me suis simplement dit que ce qui allait arriver très vite avec Hillary Clinton arriverait plus tard avec Trump, et les faits semblent me donner raison. Au final on a gagné un peu de temps.


Kleptocratie érigée en système.
Mis en ligne, samedi, le 24 mars 2018, 21h39

Les représentants n'ont pas de limite de nombre de mandats, de sorte qu'il vaut la peine pour les corrupteurs de les corrompre. En effet, une fois qu'ils ont été convaincus d'agir en fonction d'intérêts particuliers, ils sont vulnérables à la divulgation de leur faute. On ne porte pas suffisamment attention à eux.

En ce qui concerne les services sociaux, ce sont justement les états qui en sont responsables. Cela fait vivre des industries parasites qui s'enrichissent aux dépens de ceux qu'ils devraient aider mais qu'ils maintiennent dans un état de dépendance car cela les arrange d'avoir une clientèle captive.

Les EUA ne sont pas une ploutocratie, mais une "kleptocracy", un terme qui n'existe malheureusement pas en français, mais que l'on pourrait écrire kleptocratie.
Jean-Victor Côté
Réponse de R.T. :

J’ai bien apprécié votre commentaire. Cela m’a rappelé la boutade d’un politicien américain qui disait que « un politicien honnête est un politicien qui demeure acheté après qu’il se soit vendu! »

En effet, le gouvernement américain est vendu au plus offrant. La politique commerciale de Trump le montre bien. Kleptocratie érigée en système, en effet.


Trump lance des blagues à la légère?
Mis en ligne, samedi, le 24 mars 2018, 23h22

Je vous suis depuis des années et j'apprécie votre plume. Mais votre texte sur Trump m'a profondément déçu. Je suis de gauche et jamais je ne voterais pour une telle ordure. Bien que sa personnalité soit probablement pas très loin de ce que vous décrivez, j'ai beaucoup de doutes sur ce discours catastrophiste sur sa présidence. C'est un roi de la mise en scène dans le système de la Société du spectacle à la Guy Debord, mais pour le moment, ses coups de gueules et ses coups de têtes, si ils ont des effets négatifs sur la vie économique des américains, ils ne me semblent pas tellement plus graves que les politiques néo-libérales menées par les Clintons ou même Obama.
À force de mettre les projecteurs sur sa personnalité, on évacue complètement les problèmes structurels que vous avez pourtant si brillamment décrits par le passé. Nul doute qu'un véritable réformateur aurait fait du bien, mais pour le moment, je suis très dubitatif sur le fait que sa conduite a des effets si différents que les trahisons des démocrates. Sauf sur l'environnement et encore...
Enfin, sur le plan international, je ne vous suis pas du tout. Tout porte à croire, que les bluffs grand guinolesques de Trump sont la risée du monde entier. Et qu'ils ne font qu'exprimer une grande faiblesse de l'Amérique.
Je ne crois pas une seconde que cet homme est un idiot. Je crois que c'est un rusé renard qui aime bien dire tout et son contraire pour arriver à conserver une grande popularité. Je ne crois pas qu'il soit un plus grand danger avec le nucléaire que ne le sont les véritables néocons. Mais ceux-ci tirent encore les ficelles derrière et ce sont d'eux que nous devrions nous méfier encore et toujours.
Réponse de R. T. :

Je viens tout juste de lire votre commentaire et je vous en remercie, car l’un des objectifs de mon blogue est de soulever des remises en question.

Concernant Trump, il est préférable de prévenir que de guérir. Gardez à la mémoire que de puissants intérêts industriels allemands, en particulier les Krupp, magnats de l’acier, se sont rangés derrière Hitler, même s’il n’a jamais obtenu une majorité des voix lors d’une élection régulière. Qu’auriez-vous fait en 1936 ? Auriez-vous attendu 1945 pour intervenir et prendre position ? En 1945, il aurait été trop tard et le mal était fait.

Trump a menacé de « détruire complètement » la Corée du nord. Vous pensez que cela est une fausse menace, lancée en l’air comme cela. Pensez-vous qu’il est rationnel de prendre la chance que ce soit le cas ? De toute façon, un leader qui se présente devant l’Assemblée générale de l’ONU et profère une telle menace ne devrait pas être à la tête d’un pays démocratique, surtout pas à la tête des Etats-Unis, le pays le plus armé de la terre.
Quand aux néocons, Trump vient justement de rescaper un « véritable » néocon de l’ère Bush-Cheney, en la personne de John Bolton, un va-t-en-guerre extrémiste. Ses conseillers modérés quittent le gouvernement Trump, les uns après les autres. Trump s’entoure de plus en plus de clones de lui-même sur la voie d’une recherche d’un pouvoir absolu, pouvoir qu’il utilise déjà pour s’enrichir, lui et sa famille, en obtenant nombre d’avantages financiers de pays étrangers, en violant la constitution américaine et les lois américaines.

Je suis Trump et George W. Bush sans doute depuis plus longtemps que vous, car j’ai écris un livre à l’automne de 2002 quand le tandem Bush-Cheney proférait leurs mensonges pour attaquer l’Irak. Et les rumeurs vont bon train que Trump est sur la voie de répéter les attaques de Bush dans quelques semaines, mais cette fois en Syrie. Le 12 mai, on s’attend à ce qu’il répudie le traité nucléaire avec l’Iran. Cela a de fortes chances d’allumer, dans un premier temps, une confrontation USA-Russie en Syrie, laquelle va à tout le moins détruire la Syrie, suivie d’un conflit ouvert avec l’Iran, selon les souhaits maintes fois répétées par le gouvernement israélien. Rappelez-vous aussi comment le tandem Obama-Hillary Clinton a détruit la Libye.

Montréal est à 500 milles de New York. Si deux puissances nucléaires commencent à se lancer des bombes, qui sait où cela s’arrêtera ? Surtout avec quelqu’un à la Maison Blanche qui est impulsif et instable et qui « tweet » des décisions à trois heures du matin, seul dans son boudoir.

Je pourrais continuer sur le terrain économique car je suis de plus en plus persuadé que Trump est un nouveau Hoover et qu’il précipitera le monde dans une grande récession économique, sinon une dépression, avant l’an 2020. Tout est en effet en place pour un énorme krach boursier. Donald Trump est un peu comme le proverbial taureau dans une boutique de porcelaine.

À savoir si Trump est un idiot, s.v.p. visionnez ces vidéos, et faites vous une idée par vous-mêmes :


Trump foute le bordel en Afrique ?
Mis en ligne, dimanche, le 25 mars 2018, 9h34

Trump est une bénédiction des U.S. contre les chinois. On voit maintenant comment les USA foutent la merde en Afrique.


Toujours aussi intéressant!
Mis en ligne, dimanche, le 25 mars 2018, 9h34

Merci, et toujours aussi intéressant!


Trump is a Puppet of Big Business!
Posted, Monday, March 26, 2018, 3:27 a.m.

Donald Trump is nothing but a puppet to big business, and that’s why he keeps yelling for tax reducing for corporations and CEO's plus special arrangements to business companies. The result is inequality like never before, where CEO's gains money like hell, and don’t give a damn about the workers. It's modern slavery, and the police is nothing but a tool to big business interest, so don’t you dare to strike...:
N.B.: [Puppet: "Man ridiculous in his ability to change his mind according to the circumstances or the influence of someone."]


The Two Party System is a Ruse!
Posted, Monday, March 26, 2018, 6:37 a.m.

I have read your essay referenced above. Please note that none of the admittedly worrisome potential consequences of this presidency have come to pass. By this time in his term of office, G. W. Bush had predicated a war on terror on the basis of monstrously false premises the consequence of which is the present police state in the US and elsewhere.
Trump is indeed the darling of the dispossessed, a true populist and demagogue, and the consequence of:
1) The dismemberment of the U.S. economy in the service of globalization and
2) The 9/11 coup d'état.
I do not trust him but I trust his political opponents less…
Moreover, I believe that the two party system is a ruse and that the political process is managed by an institution, which is not contemplated in the U.S. constitution. It may be that this supposed unconstitutional institution controls Trump now. This would be consistent with previous practice and would account for the continuity you noted, but contradicts the notion of a move for absolute power.
Answer by R.T.:

Regarding Bush II’s, Cheney’s and Powell’s lies about WMDs in Iraq, I wrote a book in the fall of 2002 (The New American Empire) to denounce their lies, because it was so obvious they were making things up. The book has been published in three languages (English, French, Turkish). Besides, as you have alluded, the 9/11 event itself had been openly called for, one year before, by Paul Wolfowitz, assistant Defense secretary, when he said that to increase the Pentagon’s budget, the U.S. needed a “New Pearl Harbor“! And, just by magic, the 9/11 attacks happened.

Trump is following in Bush-Cheney’s footsteps. His hiring of rabidly neocon John Bolton is harbinger of wars to come. As soon as May 12, Trump is expected to repudiate the Iran nuclear deal and the show will be on. An expanded war in Syria against Russia and one against Iran would be a good “wag the dog“ way to sideline the Mueller investigation.

I personally think that we are in 1936 now, and that Trump will move more and more toward absolute power. If impeached, I don’t think he is going to resign as Richard Nixon did. He can rather be expected to double down.

Regarding the Democrats, you are right in not trusting their leadership. The last election was an example of this void of policy. Whether some new leader with foresight will emerge is still to be seen.


A Quote and an Article.
Posted, Monday, March 26, 2018, 7:31 a.m.

1- Please consider this quote:

We do not live [in the United States] in a constitutional Republic any more. We live in a state of soft tyranny. You may not like it but it’s true. We vote, but the state runs us, we don’t run it. Our Government redistributes our wealth in a way that is criminal, and we do nothing to stop it.
Chuck Wooley (1941-), American actor and game show host, (on Twitter, March 26, 2018)

2- Please read this article:
“Integrity Has Vanished From The West“
Paul Craig Roberts
Among Western political leaders there is not an ounce of integrity or morality. The Western print and TV media is dishonest and corrupt beyond repair. Yet the Russian government persists in its fantasy of “working with Russia’s Western partners.” The only way Russia can work with crooks is to become a crook. Is that what the Russian government wants?...

Vendredi, le 2 mars 2018
À toutes fins utiles, le système de gouvernement américain est en panne. Comment et pourquoi ?


Professor Tremblay Must Be a Very Interesting Gentleman to Know!
Posted, Tuesday, February 27, 2018, 11:21 am

Professor Tremblay must be a very interesting gentleman to know and the info contained in his article is a lot to digest. Unfortunately, it is a sad commentary of the depths to which to the U.S. Government has sunk. While never perfect, as none of us are, the USA has been certainly the leader of the free world starting, I think, beginning and during the 2nd World War. One might suggest the world may not survive if either one of the other two strong international powers (China and Russia), each currently with permanent dictators, making our only possible hope. The USA can soon identify a new leader who can commence to right the accumulated wrongs of so many for so long as soon as elected. Pessimists might say that will not occur until 2020; TOO LATE!
Among all I read in the article, I didn’t see a suggested plan; did I miss something?
Meanwhile, thank you very much.


Article intéressant et assez juste.
Mis en ligne, mercredi, le 28 février, 2018, 9h39

Pour une fois, je serai capable de synthétiser l’article. Je le trouve intéressant et assez juste.


Politicians can be Bought like Hogs at the Market!
Posted, Wednesday, February 28, 2018, 9:45 am

The Union Pacific Railroad did most of these things in the 1860s. They bought up congressmen as if they were hogs at market.


Never Forget to Keep Fascism at Bay!
Posted, Wednesday, February 28, 2018, 9:51 am

“Unhappy events abroad have retaught us two simple truths about the liberty of a democratic people. The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of a private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism - ownership of government by an individual by a group, or by any other controlling private power!"  * Franklin D. Roosevelt
One must never forget to keep fascism at bay, it has sneaky persistent ways to impose itself.


Capitalism at its Finest!
Posted, Wednesday, February 28, 2018, 10:03 am

This is capitalism at its finest!


Les USA Sont Surendettés!
Posted, Thursday, March 1, 2018, 06h30

Parce que les américains sont surendettés, (200 trilliards de dettes) ; que après les Accords de Bretton Woods de 1946 et leur décision du 15 août 1971, ils font de la fausse monnaie, car le dollar us ne repose plus sur de l'or physique, mais sur les pétro-dollars, et que les pays de la BRIC (Chine, Russie, Inde, Brésil et Afrique du sud) sont en train de remettre les pendules à l'heure. Et ce n'est pas la faute de Trump.


L’endettement pour vivre au-dessus des moyens.
Mis en ligne, jeudi, le 1er mars, 2018, 13h16

C’est ce qui fait la rage de Trump de détruire tout un monde pour s'en sortir ! Les USA sont devenus une puissance virtuelle, un axe du mal et du mensonge. Ils ont un élève aussi qui s’appelle l’Europe et qui est sur la même voie, soit celle du surendettement afin de vivre au dessus des moyens.


Excellent Analysis!
Posted, Thursday, March 1, 2018, 12:28 pm

This is an excellent analysis. It is exactly my thoughts and understanding.
This article should be taught in High Schools and Colleges here. This may be how perpetual wars by the U.S. can be eliminated over time.


Les USA, un pays à la ramasse !
Mis en ligne, jeudi, le 1er mars, 2018, 16h01

Les USA sont un pays à la ramasse qui subsiste de part son image de pseudo puissance.


Tout cela est très décevant.
Mis en ligne, jeudi, le 1er mars, 2018, 16h08

Ce fut un régal intellectuel que de lire ce texte. M. Tremblay a raison sur toute la ligne.
D’ailleurs, l’extrait d’une intervention de l’ex-président Jimmy Carter (à la radio, en 2015) va exactement dans le même sens.
Tout cela est très désolant. Je pense que l’élection de Trump à la présidence étasunienne signifie davantage un rejet du système américain qu’une adhésion à son programme.
Espérons que les choses vont s’améliorer ca le peuple américain mérite mieux que ce qui lui arrive actuellement.


On s’en fout des USA.
Mis en ligne, jeudi, le 1er mars, 2018, 16h12

On s'en fout des USA. D'abord qu'ils grandissent, ces ados turbulents et cruels.


C’est parce que nous sommes faibles qu’ils sont forts !
Mis en ligne, jeudi, le 1er mars, 2018, 17h56

- C’est parce que nous sommes faibles, qu’ils sont forts !
- Le Veau d’Or des adeptes de Mamon et d’Aron, comme un ver introduit dans la pomme d’Outre Atlantique, a eu raison de l’Amérique et des Américains, par la prise ou le rapt du pouvoir, à tous les niveaux et échelles, par leur outil de « travail » (façon juste de dire, car ses adeptes sont des parasites invétérés et patentés d’essence et de naissance) qu’est la corruption en sus de la tromperie sur tout, sur la marchandise, sur leurs vraies intentions et surtout sur eux-mêmes et leur vile et abjecte nature, où la caisse enregistreuse est à la place du coeur et où ils n’y en a que pour eux et que les autres, les Goyim, peu importe leur grandeur et importance; leurs faits d’armes, ne comptent pas, mais ne sont qu’utiles si ils servent leurs plans, machinations et buts à atteindre, au déni du bien général des peuples majoritaires et nationaux !

- Tous les Pays et États européens, ainsi que les peuples d’Europe, bien avant que les 13 Colonies Britanniques d’Amérique du Nord, comme s’appelaient les États-Unis avant leur dite « Indépendance » de 1776, ont été victimes de l’infiltration dans leurs Pays, États et système politique de gouvernance et leur économie par cette secte du Veau d’Or et de Mamon et ils leurs doivent quasi toutes leurs guerres, conseillées et financées à taux d’usure par leurs banksters, gangsters parasites et vampires, avides du sang des innocents qui leur rapportent toujours le pactole d’argent et avec lui la ruine des pays mis en Guerre et le pouvoir…par rapt de nos banques nationales et émission de nos propres monnaies, pour crapuleux et criminel « Remboursement de dette de l’usure », par laquelle de facto ou de fait, ils s’approprient nos pays, état et prennent en main tout le pouvoir !
- Je viens sommairement de vous brosser le « Know-How » ou la technique ou savoir faire et le modus operandi de cette secte maléfique et haineuse de toute l’humanité, pour eux juste bonne à être exploitée et à les servir ces parasites psychopothes du monde qui ne leur appartient d’aucun droit !
- Et comme l’a dit Étienne de la Boéthie dans son livre sur la Servitude Volontaire : C’est parce que nous sommes faibles, qu’ils sont forts !


Super Cool!
Mis en ligne, jeudi, le 1er mars, 2018, 18h07

Super cool !


Ci-inclus un extrait percutant.
Mis en ligne, jeudi, le 1er mars, 2018, 23h08

J’ai lu cet article sur le Réseau international.

J’ai pensé que le professeur Tremblay pourrait apprécier le court extrait ci-après, assez percutant, sur la nouvelle réalité de l’empire US.
Il s’agit d’un monologue de début de Will MacAvoy dans la série The Newsroom lorsqu'il répond à la question "Pourquoi les États Unis sont le plus grand pays du monde?


Le recours à la violence et aux guerres.
Mis en ligne, vendredi, le 2 mars, 2018, 4h04

J’ajouterai mon grain de sel en disant que c’est dommage de n’avoir pas commencé cet intéressant article avec le début des États-Unis, c. à. d. l’occupation qui commença au 16ème siècle en chassant les Amérindiens, tout comme les sionistes venant d’Europe l’ont fait avec les habitants natifs de la Palestine. L’occupation en soi est du vol, une violence et une violation de ce qui ne vous appartient pas (hommes, terres, biens), cela n’apporte pas la bénédiction. Ceci pourrait expliquer que dès le départ qui est mauvais, les USA et l’entité sioniste sont voués à l’échec, car basés sur le non-respect des populations ; pour survivre, ces « États » constitués doivent avoir recours à la violence et aux guerres. De quoi ces colons américains devraient-ils vivre honnêtement.
Je n’ai pas de solution pour l’économie américaine qui vit sur l’injustice et la cruauté, du sang des peuples que les U.S. envahissent, de la vente des instruments de guerre à des mauvais dirigeants d’États, parce que ceux-ci ont l’argent ou les matières premières qu’ils exploitent.


La réalité dépasse la fiction.
Mis en ligne, vendredi, le 2 mars, 2018, 9h01

Je remercie Phœnix pour son commentaire plus haut sur la pseudo-démocratie des USA, infiltrée par les propriétaires des Nouveaux Instruments Financiers (NIF) du Monde.
En fait, on devrait être encore plus cynique, car la réalité dépasse la pire des fictions !

Rappel de notre Histoire depuis 1958 :
- Années 55-60 Attentats contre de Gaulle (OAS, CIA, Mossad) ;
- Révolution de mai 1968 : Mouvement du 22 mars noyauté…;
- Arrivée d’un Fondé de pouvoir de la Banque de Rothschild, comme secrétaire de De Gaulle ;
- 1969 : Le Fondé de pouvoir devient Président de la République, 50 ans plus tard…. ;
- 2017 : Un Fondé de pouvoir de la même banque d’Europe devient Président de la République avec 24%/2 = 12% des voix ;
- 2017 – 2022 : Début de la vente des entreprises de haute technologie aux actionnaires du ‘Deep State’ des USA ;
- 2000 – 2022 : Transfert de l’arsenal nucléaire des USA en Europe, pour éviter les premières frappes nucléaires aux USA ;
- 2017 – 2022 : Militarisation de l’UE sous le contrôle (1) des USA, (2) de l’OTAN (3) avec droit de regard d’Israël au sein de l’OTAN ;

La situation réelle est bien pire. Nous sommes colonisés comme le Burkina Faso, comme la Colombie, comme le Honduras et directement par une petite Communauté…


Merci au prof. Tremblay pour la grande qualité de son article.
Mis en ligne, samedi, le 3 mars, 2018, 11h19

Je viens de lire l’article du professeur Tremblay à propos de la panne du système du gouvernement américain.
J’ai beaucoup apprécié cet article très documenté qui m’a beaucoup éclairé sur le système électoral d’aujourd’hui aux USA, ses perversions et conséquences désastreuses pour le peuple américain.
Je remercie le professeur Tremblay pour la grande qualité de son article en ce qu’il permet à nous, profanes, d’apprendre et ainsi de mieux comprendre les dysfonctionnements du monde d’aujourd’hui.
P.S. Je suis une senior, habitant l’Île de la réunion, une petite île française coincée entre Madagascar et l’Île Maurice.


Thanks for another great Paper!
Posted, Saturday, March 3, 2018, 11:54 am

Many thanks for another great paper. Your initial comments are a good review for most of your readers, but for the general population, not so much. You know I have read your work for years and found it most useful, but as a Canadian you never appreciated our constitutional Republic. We are not supposed to be a democracy/mob.
Those on the left think we have rights that do not exist. Do you agree that fun free zones are killing fields? Florida teachers are communists for the most part, do not want guns to protect themselves, no wonder our students don’t know our Constitution and founding.
Founders gave us guns to defend against a corrupt government, which is what we now have. Teachers and the media may have destroyed our country. I wish you could read my work and others at for insights on your host country. You may not agree but at least you will see the other side.
Anawer by R. T.
If the U.S. is not a representative democracy, someone should have told President Lincoln, President Harding, President Truman and President Eisenhower, to name only a few prominent American presidents. All of them have extolled the virtue of representative democracy. See here:

I think you are wrong when you write that the “Founders gave us guns to defend against a corrupt government”. At that time, the U.S. was in danger of being invaded by England. That is the reason why the Second amendment, adopted on December 15, 1791, reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms , shall not be infringed.”

The original purpose of that Amendment was not to arm citizens to attack the government. It was to make it easy to quickly raise a militia to fight an invasion. That Amendment has nothing to do with having sick and malicious people own and use AK-47 or AR-15 military style assault weapons to kill dozens of innocent people at random in a few minutes. This is insane and barbaric. The Second amendment has been grossly interpreted over time as an open right for criminals and insane people to kill people with assault weapons, which should only be allowed in the army. There is no civilized country in the world that permits that.


Those Who Rule over You!
Posted, Sunday, March 4, 2018, 6:43 pm

A small group [let's call them the 1%] can actually control a very large group [let's call them the 99%]. You and so many others beat the American bushes to explain the extreme dysfunctionality that the empire has come to.
Voltaire once opined, "To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." To not understand the role of the Henry Ford's Internationalist — is to not understand contemporary history.
There are many who feel that the next move is WWIII — at which point it will be to late to deal with the wire pullers — because we will all be to busy trying to survive.  The American people — like most citizens of the world--are pretty decent people — they're just being played [like so many others] by a pernicious group of manipulators who rule by way of deception.


A Foreign Entity Controls Our Organizational Structure!
Posted, Monday, March 5, 2018, 1:39 pm

We [U Sofa] as with most of the rest of the world —are being remotely controlled by a foreign entity who controls every aspect of our organizational structure — that entity is Israel — and this issue — of course has been written about for decades by the thousands — and someday people are just going to wake-up — and as the attached articles suggest — we are running out of time. 
I will tell you that my research as gone to the arcane — the insanity of humanity's situation has forced the issue — to include biblical studies, etc..
Our Jewish brothers and sisters have a unique history — chosen by — or as some would suggest — doing the choosing themselves — and writing/manufacturing their own history [the portable state, i.e., the Tanakh], which is then transcribed [word for word] into the Christian bibles, i.e., they get to write the script, — which interestingly enough — places them at the head of the table.
You might want to listen to Mauro Biglino for some further insights. 
There are those who feel that our Planet is being terraformed — to meet the requirements of another species — and that our Ashkenazi brothers [Arthur Koestler 13 Tribe] are somehow involved in this endeavor.
Dominick Suter, owner of the company Urban Moving Systems [9/11 Dancing Israelis] is quoted as saying, "In 20 years we will control your media and destroy your country". This is the issue. It might not be about ownership or control. It might be about destruction, which is beyond the scope of most peoples imagination and yet this appears to be were we're headed.
By the way, I understand your position as a University Professor and how the tribe could easily influence your position but on the other hand if we aren't more proactive in addressing the actual casual factors rather than just identifying the malady there may not be any positions left to go back to.